my cantorate

To be present and part of other people’s life cycle events is one of the great privileges my profession as a Cantor provides me, as is the creation of meaningful personalized rituals drawn from Judaism’s rich musical and liturgical tradition to give expression, depth and sacredness to the great experiences we’re faced with in our lives.

It would be an honor for me to serve and work with individuals and/or couples on officiating weddings, vow-renewals, b’nai- and b’not mitzvah celebrations and tutoring, baby-namings, funerals, recognizing illness and healing ceremonies, unveilings and special services.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I very much  look forward to hearing from you.

Below are some testimonials from couples and individuals with whom I had the honor and pleasure to work with:

We had toyed with the idea of not having any music at all, making our ceremony short and sweet and move on to the party. And that would have been a big mistake! Juval has an encyclopedic knowledge of all kinds of music and made wonderful suggestions, was accommodating to our special wishes for a couple of particular songs, integrated both traditional and modern pieces and instinctively knew at what points in the ceremony we needed music. And he even beautifully sang when ‘Irish Eyes are Smiling’ as we came down the aisle for our Jewish ceremony! Juval contributed to making our wedding ceremony everything we’d hoped it could be.

Juval was an extraordinary presence at our wedding! He does not only have a profound knowledge of Jewish tradition, but is also capable of explaining this tradition in an accessible, nuanced, and captivating way. He worked closely with us to develop a ceremony that would be meaningful to our diverse community, bridging cultural and religious boundaries with his beautiful voice and unique interpretation of both traditional and secular music. Juval’s singing during the wedding ceremony added an emotional and spiritual dimension that was strongly felt by everyone.

Juval Porat did for our wedding what he does in every event he touches with his presence and his voice: His music goes beyond the words of the ceremony – no matter how beautiful they may be – to touch our hearts and those of family and friends, to tie us to each other, and to the millennia of our People. And he does all of this with light-heartedness, humor, and warmth. We were so lucky to have him as part of this most important day.

Juval has not only officiated at our wedding ceremony, our son’s bris, and baby naming, but also made those celebrations some of most beautiful and memorable moments of our lives. His incredible voice brought a lovingness and spirituality that is incomparable. He is a truly gifted musician, not to mention a tender and warm person. Juval is someone I would highly recommend to friends and family as someone who is honest, reliable, and brings forth a sense of personalized attentiveness. We LOVE Juval!

Having Juval at our wedding made it a deeply special and meaningful event that combining music and spirituality in just the right amount. He has the perfect touch to make an audience feel at ease and think positively at the same time, and we were overjoyed to have him as part of the ceremony.